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My name is Arielle, and I am a candidate for London City Council in Ward 13. I am running because I believe in the power of community, collective thinking and civic engagement.

My work in Caucus Services on Parliament Hill, my degree in political science, and my participation in the mentorship program at city hall has given me the experience necessary to create meaningful change in our city.

I believe that every voice matters, and that representation also matters. Having women in leadership is empowering to our younger generation, inspiring them to work together to achieve change.

I love the momentum we are finally seeing downtown. The ongoing collaborative work that has brought new life and economic opportunities to our store fronts, built more homes for our residents, and created exceptional gathering spaces is making downtown London a vibrant community that people are eager to be a part of.

Each neighbourhood in Ward 13 cherishes their proximity to both downtown and the Thames River, and I want to see this relationship get even stronger.  Downtown plays such a big role in both the lives of Ward 13 residents and the city as a whole, but so do the wonderful neighbourhoods that surround and support the downtown. Neighbourhoods like Blackfriars, Woodfield, PANA, SoHo, Oxford Park and KeVA supply downtown merchants with patrons, offices with staff, and our educational facilities with faculty and students.

This is a critical relationship deserving of representation that understands this balance so the ward can remain the best place in London to live, work and play.

As your councillor, I will listen, learn, and take action on what matters most to Ward 13 residents.

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