Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment and thank each one of you who for your continuous support through this journey. Thank you for trusting me and nominating me! Here are some of the stories of the people who signed my nomination form thank you!


Je voulais prendre un moment et remercier tous ceux et celle qui continue à démontrer un grand soutient dans cette campagne. Je vous partage quelques messages des gens qui m’ont signé ma nomination pour me représenter en tant que conseillère de la ville. Je vous remercie tous !


Shawna Lewkowitz :

“I met Arielle about a year ago and from that moment I knew she was tenacious, committed and had a vision for what London could be. I am thrilled to hear she is going to be running for City Council and I know she will provide a much needed voice in our city. I fully support Arielle as an upcoming candidate for ward 13.”

Fairouze Touni:

Je suis tellement contente pour Arielle. Arielle représente bien la jeunesse, la femme, ethno-culturelle et surtout la communauté francophone. On est tous content pour elle!

David Billson:

“I am endorsing Arielle because several people I respect, including our COO Rachel Berdan have recommended her as a passionate leader, fantastic speaker and an amazing person. Personally, I witnessed Arielle taking a lot of courage to publicly challenge things that she thought needed to change and she wasn’t scared to respectfully challenge my views. That’s the type of leadership we need. Leadership is looking at the status quo and challenging it and we need more of that in London. Diversity is still a huge issue in leadership and we need to do a better job in order to better serve our community.”

Rachel Berdan:

“ I felt an instant connection with Arielle and her vision for London. I easily relate to how she wants to make London better for her son. I am inspired by how clearly she can see where London can do better for all of its people, and how firmly she believes it’s possible. I couldn’t be more confident about Arielle’s leadership”.

Susan Toth:

“ I am endorsing Arielle because she represents leadership, intelligence and commitment to our community and a positive progressive brand politics for the city as a collective”

Paul Levac:

“Je supporte Arielle parce qu’avec elle, c’est une opportunité de pouvoir avoir diversité ethno culturelle et linguistique. Arielle est une bonne candidate pour cela.”

Sean Meyer:

“I’m supporting Arielle because of her confidence, bravery and passion is needed in the shaping of London’s future.”

Zola Ncube:

“I’m supporting Arielle because she represents who I am and who I strive to be -kind, brilliant, and bold.”

Kayley MacGregor :

“As a young professional in this city,  I see a lot of other young people struggling to see their future here in London. I know that Arielle’s vision for London includes a strong future for young people. I am incredibly excited that she is going to be running and I know that she will a remarkable city councillor”.

Carole Kambasha:

“I like the fact that Arielle is representing women, she is a strong woman. As a single mom I feel I can relate to her. I  remember when I met her we were both very passionate about our children and that’s what connected us. I am proud to see what she’s doing for this community and I support her because she can represent who I am.”

Nicole Buteau et Perpetue Nitunga:

“ We believe in Arielle as a diverse young innovative woman and we are happy and excited to nominate her and be on her team. We are also excited that she will be representing our Francophone community”

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