Motion Passed for Black History Month Celebrations

Following the corporate services committee meeting on Monday, January 6th, the majority of city council members voted in favor of proclamations. The vote was for a pilot project to test proclamations for one-year. This would allow council to monitor what type of applications are made for proclamations. 
I pushed for this as many in the community wanted this (over 750 people signed a petition for proclamations). I was  also involved with this so that the city could celebrate Black History Month. I am happy to announce that a motion passed on January 20th, 2020 to proclaim Black History Month in London. Every February, the city of London will now honor Black History Month with various festivities and events throughout the month.

What Are Proclamations?

Proclamations are documents issued in recognition of campaigns, events, cultural celebrations and more. Requests must be put forward 6 weeks prior to the date of interest and include adequate information about the campaign, event or celebration. Once the request is submitted, it is reviewed and the corporate services committee makes a decision regarding whether the proclamation should be passed.
The last time special interest groups and events were proclaimed in London was in the 1990s. Due to various issues with the events that were proclaimed, proclamations were banned in order to avoid other issues. However, I have worked hard to bring the discussion of proclamations back into the conversation. 

We need to look at the benefits of proclamations and not be worried about those few who may take advantage of it. Various cities across Canada have proclamations and it is time we correct the errors of the past.