January 31, 2020 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

LONDON, ON – Libraries play an essential role in any city.

They serve historically marginalized communities; including but not limited to those experiencing poverty, immigrants or new Canadians, women, and children.

I interpret cuts to libraries and the services libraries offer as limiting access and opportunity for those living within these marginalized communities.

The loan hotspot wifi program offered by the London Library is a program that has a wait list.

This is a program that helps Canadians access resume workshops, so they can gain meaningful employment. This is a program that helps a university student finish their paper, so they can get a passing grade. This is a program that helps a new mother research childcare facilities or breastfeeding tips, so she can provide the best possible foundation for her son or daughter.

I have been all of those people. My interpretation of a cut to this program is that it continues to push people, those living in poverty, immigrants or new Canadians, women, and children deeper into isolation.

As one of those people, as your Ward 13 City Councillor, I will always champion equity and access to essential services for all.

I stand by my comments in Council Chambers. C.
This is not a personal attack on an individual or a board, but rather me championing for access to opportunity for all.

I look forward to continuing to work through the budget process with all of City Council and our dedicated staff.

Arielle Kayabaga
Ward 13 Councillor, City of London