London Looks to Implement Green Bin Program

Following the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee meeting on Thursday, February 6th, the City of London will be looking to implement a green bin program. A green bin program also means a new garbage pickup system, an updated recycling program and a mixed-waste program.  If approved by city council on March 2nd, the program should begin in late 2021, early 2022. As it currently stands, when garbage is thrown out, it is taken to a landfill. This contributes to bad odours as well as greenhouse gases such as methane adding to climate change. Using a green big program would allow the possibility to turn garbage into compost and biogas. The green bin program is part of a larger plan to move 60% of waste from landfills and would cost about $17.6 million to run. Many larger cities already have some type of green bin program and we as a city should be looking to implement what we know is working well for others. Not only that, but as an advocate for tackling climate change, we must as much as we can and from different angles, to reduce how we as a city are contributing to climate change.