Viewing Policy Through an Anti-Racism Lens

We have to move from words to action as we continue to deal with and address systemic racism, especially anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism.

On Tuesday, June 9th, the Strategic Priority and Policy Committee unanimously passed several motions to address and confront systemic racism in London that were moved by Councillor Mohamed Salih and Mayor Ed Holder. I also added amendments to track metrics of the diversity and inclusion working plan the city has had for the last 6 years on anti-blackness and to create a Black Liaison officer. 


Following these motions, I moved a motion with the support of my colleagues, Councillor Mohamed Salih, Deputy Mayor Jesse Helmer and the Mayor to put every single service area in the City of London through an anti-racism lens. The budget allocations, planning, engineering, transportation, and any service offered in the city should begin to work towards ending racism in the city departments. We know that racism shows up in policies and so it must be addressed. In addition, the motion states that we should track the measures and report findings back to council through SPPC. In order to address structural racism in this city, we must take a look at our policies and how they perpetuate systemic racism then work to eliminate it. 


On July 14th, this motion passed unanimously!


I would like to extend my thanks for my colleagues and to everyone who shared, emailed, called and participated in the success of this motion