Ranked Ballot System Works

In 2018, London made history as the first community in Canada to adopt a ranked ballot system for the 2018 Civic Election. Now, in 2020, the Premier of Ontario is making moves to remove this option for communities. Having a ranked ballot ensures that voters’ choices count! This has been a big step forward for Canada as there is substantive evidence that First Past the Post is not the most equitable way for a community to choose their leadership.

Ranked ballot system is also one of the determining reasons as to why I ran. It was a more appropriate and approachable system. It pushed my opponents and I to focus on what we were proposing to our voters rather than focusing on attacking each other.

This recent announcement of taking away ranked ballot system very concerning, and I hope you communicate your thoughts on the matter with me.

Sign the petition below then learn more about the importance of ranked ballot voting here

Arielle Kayabaga

Ward 13 City Councillor