Middlesex-London moving to Red Control Level #Covid19 response framework

London and Middlesex County are moving to the Red-Control level of Ontario’s COVID-19 Response Framework on Tuesday, February 16. Until then, the Stay-at-Home Order is still in place for Middlesex-London. Red zone is the “Control” phase and additional measures are:

• Trips outside of the home should only be for essential reasons (work, school, groceries/pharmacy, health care, assisting vulnerable individuals or exercise and physical activity)

• Families should not visit any other household or allow visitors in their homes – people who live alone can gather with one household

• Everyone should avoid social gatherings

Additional information on restrictions :


• supermarkets , convenience stores and pharmacies open at 75 per cent capacity

• all other retail at 50 per cent capacity, including big box, liquor, hardware and garden stores

• capacity limit and signs advising not to enter if you have COVID-19 symptoms must be posted publicly

• only non–adjacent fittings rooms open

• maximum of 10 patrons seated in mall food courts

Restaurants and bars

• 10 people allowed indoors where distancing allows, maximum of four per table with two metres or an impermeable barrier between tables

• no buffet-style service

• patrons must be screened and contact information collected

• face coverings required except when eating and drinking

• workers must wear PPE, including eye protection when coming with two metres of someone not wearing face covering

• no liquor served after 9 p.m., establishments must close by 10 p.m.

• no dancing, singing or live music

• night clubs and strip clubs can only operate as restaurant or bar

Sports and recreation

• no contact, maintain two metres distancing at all times or three metres around weights, equipment or in exercise/fitness class

• where distancing can be maintained, 10 people allowed indoors or 25 outdoors, no spectators except one guardian for those under 18

• reservations required and patrons can remain for maximum of 90 minutes unless playing a sport

• training only allowed for team sports, no games or scrimmage

• exceptions for high-performance athletes and parasport

• face covering required except when exercising

• patrons must be screened and contact information collected

Personal service

• no services requiring removal of face coverings is allowed

• oxygen bars, steam rooms, saunas, bath houses, most sensory deprivation pods and other adult venues closed

• patrons must be screened and contact information collected

Other businesses and events

• organized public gatherings can include a maximum five people indoors, 25 outdoors

• religious services can operate at 30 per cent capacity indoors, 100 people outdoors

• casinos, bingo halls and gaming can open with 10 people indoors, 25 outdoors, no table gaming, no liquor served after 9 p.m., no liquor consumption after 10 p.m., patrons must be screened and contact information collected

• cinemas closed except for drive-ins, rehearsal and performance of recorded/broadcast events allowed with restrictions