I will work to provide more accessible & affordable housing and support safe consumption sites and those who need access to them. I will work for better and safer sidewalks, bike lanes, roads and transit. I will support heritage preservation and high quality design in our new buildings and urban spaces. I will work to make London a greener city by supporting the green bin program, urban forestry and expanding our parks and natural areas. I will continue to foster diversity and inclusion in our city to make sure that all are welcome here and that hate crime numbers are reduced.



Homelessness in London is a top priority for me, but working to end homelessness in our city will require a multifaceted approach. This includes not only a greater availability of affordable housing, but also a mosaic of other supports for those experiencing homelessness. We need to look at every avenue to address and prevent homelessness. Inclusionary zoning must be considered hand in hand with this work. There are many developments emerging in our core, and I will work to ensure that developers are building affordable and accessible housing as part of this growth. I will be a strong voice on this issue.


Downtown revitalization

I will continue the revitalization of our downtown, by encouraging and supporting private investment, civic infrastructure, and local jobs. In order to achieve a truly revitalized downtown, we need to invest in our people, and assist every single Londoner who is in need. I will support investments in good transit, and support our small- to medium-sized businesses to attract more jobs to our City.



Better, safer and cleaner roads , sidewalks and cycling infrastructure

Our roads, sidewalks and bike paths need to be kept safe, clean and accessible to everyone. City snow removal programs are not currently working in our city, and this causes many issues for seniors, parents with strollers and those with disabilities. I will work to implement better and faster snow removal in our city. I believe in complete streets, and that every street in our city should accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists. We are behind other cities on our cycling infrastructure, and are notably lacking in protected cycling tracks, which benefit both the cyclist and the driver.



Waste management

The Thames River is tied to our past and our future as a City, and we need to take action and stop dumping waste into this important resource. We need to continue work to separate storm water infrastructure from wastewater infrastructure so that raw sewage no longer flows into our river.



Green bin program

The cost of implementing a green bin program has been rising, and will continue to rise. If we don’t keep our land fill in check, we will soon have to expand it. This is both environmentally & fiscally irresponsible. We need to implement and support a green bin program in London as soon as possible to divert waste that should not be in our landfill. We also need to work on providing proper education to every neighbourhood to make sure the program is working and it’s not costing more than it saves us.


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