Team Arielle

Meet the core members of Arielle’s campaigning team and learn why they have chosen to dedicate their time and energy to helping Arielle succeed.



Rachel Berdan – Campaign Manager

I live and work in ward 13. From my first meeting with Arielle, I knew I wanted her representing this community and I wanted to help her in any way I could. I am inspired by how clearly she can see where London can do better for all of its people, and how firmly she believes it’s possible. I’m passionate about creating an inclusive community and about businesses that do well by doing good. You can find me on Twitter: @rachelberdan.



Kayley MacGregor – Volunteer Coordinator

I am passionate about art, food, politics, and friends. My work focuses on creating change and connecting young people to opportunities for growth. I am supporting Arielle because she can envision a London where more young people choose to stay and build their lives. Arielle also sees the importance of representation and will be a strong voice for the constituents of Ward 13 at City Hall.

If you are interested in getting involved with Arielle’s campaign but aren’t sure what role would be a good fit for you, I can help with that!



Bukun Adegbembo – Social Media & Research Lead

I am a current MSc candidate at the University of Western Ontario. I choose to be part of Arielle’s campaign because Arielle is passionate, informed, and determined in building a community that works for all of us.  I believe in her leadership to create a community that is open to actively learning about others from different walks of life, using differences to bring us together.



Mark Malu – Communications Coordinator

I graduated from Western University with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations. As a recent permanent resident of Canada, I am determined to be an involved and responsible member of my community. I admire how approachable Arielle is; she listens to and connects well with the residents of this ward. I am supporting her because I believe in her leadership and vision for this diverse city.



Renee Singirankabo  – Finance Lead

As a retired high school teacher of the social sciences, I am passionate about teamwork, community, discussing new ideas and empowering youths. I am on Arielle’s campaigning team because I want to connect with the younger generation and work with them in creating a better future for our city.



Sean Meyer – Messaging

I am a senior journalist and communicator since 1994, working as a reporter, editor and photographer for several weekly newspapers, writing both hard news and feature stories covering a wide variety of subjects. I’m supporting Arielle because her confidence, bravery and passion are qualities needed in the shaping of London’s future.

Mystery Sylven Furtado – Canvassing Coordinator

I am a fourth year nursing student and a proud mother to two energetic boys. I am originally from Belize and it is there that I have participated in many elections. My mother was a city councillor and during her terms in office, I was assigned various jobs such as campaign manager, clerk, polling agent, outreach manager and much more.
Having recently met Arielle Kayabaga, I can safely say that she has shown the key qualities to win this election and represent Ward 13. She is determined, strong, has positive leadership skills, intelligent and overall a beautiful soul. These qualities have prompted me to believe in her as both an eligible candidate and as a young woman of the same orientation. I believe Miss Kayabaga is very much qualified and capable to participate in the upcoming elections and will surely bring about positive results.



Nicole Buteau – Events Lead

As someone who has been actively involved in this community for a long time, it is so nice to be part of a campaign for someone who cares about people and wants to make London and Ward 13 a better place. I chose to be part of Arielle’s campaign because she is articulate, passionate, full of energy and willing to learn.


If you would like Arielle to speak at or attend one of your events, do let me know by sending an email to with the event details!